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We offer two different listing types, Standard and Featured


Both options allow for the inclusion of a description, contact details and a main image of your dress (visible in search results, etc).


Featured listings

Advertise on our homepage and add up to ten images with our featured listings - a perfect way to show off your dress.


Features Standard listing (1 month) Standard listing (1 year) Featured homepage listing (multiple photographs)
Category Limit: 1 1 1
Primary dress photo:
Short Description Size: 0 0 100
Description Size: 1500 1500 1500
HTML Editor:
Keywords Limit: 10 10 10
Height to fit: -
Email to a Friend: -
Number of Classifieds: 0 0 10
Homepage slot: - -
Number of Images: 1 1 10
Pricing: Term: 31 Day(s)
Price: £7.89
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Term: 1 Year(s)
Price: £10.49
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Term: 1 Year(s)
Price: £3850.00
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